Seventh Framework Programme
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During the last decades, the society has witnessed the tremendous advances in the field of semiconductor materials which have been the seed of the current information age. However, the increasing interest in miniaturizing electronic devices faces the current manufacturing techniques which are reaching their physical limits, thus hindering this progression. As a consequence, the development of a new generation of electronic devices is crucial. Under this framework, ACMOL project aims at contributing to the development of the emerging spintronics devices. The ACMOL consortium will work for the implementation of organic molecules into the devices with the aim of contributing to the catalysis of a new generation of high performance, cost effective, non-volatile, versatile, ultra-fast and low-power consuming electronic devices with applications to a broad number of different technological and societal fields, such as high density data storage, microelectronics, (bio)sensors, quantum computing, medical technologies.

General information:

- Started 1 January 2014
- Ending 31 December 2016
- Lasts 36 months
- Participation of 4 partners from 4 different countries
- 1 research public organisation and 3 universities
- Total costs: 1,548,866.00 €
- Total funding: 1,187,431.00 €

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